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How Much Pulled Pork for 100 People? What Are the Best Estimates?

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How Much Pulled Pork for 100 People
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Whether it’s a backyard BBQ, a wedding, or a company shindig, pulled pork is a hit. But you’ve got to get the amount just right so no one leaves hungry. Let’s break down how much meat you’ll need to make sure your 100 guests are happily stuffed.

Basic calculation

Pulled Pork

To feed 100 people, you will need approximately 67 pounds (ca. 30 kg) of raw boneless pork shoulder or 100 pounds (ca. 45 kg) of raw bone-in pork shoulder. This estimate ensures everyone gets about 1/3 pound of cooked pulled pork.

General rule: 1/3 pound per person

The general rule of thumb for pulled pork is to serve 1/3 pound of cooked meat per person. However, since meat shrinks during cooking, you’ll need to start with more raw meat.

Shrinkage 40-50%

Meat typically shrinks by about 40-50% during cooking due to moisture loss and fat rendering. This means you’ll need almost twice the amount of raw meat to end up with the desired amount of cooked pulled pork.

What to consider for your event

How to make pulled pork

Before you finalize the amount of meat, it’s important to take into account a few key factors that can influence how much you’ll need.


If your menu includes a bunch of tasty side dishes, you might not need as much meat. Think about it—guests will probably fill up on the sides, so they won’t need huge portions of pulled pork.

Popular sides like coleslaw, mac and cheese, and baked beans can be super filling. And if you’re serving appetizers or desserts, people might go for smaller main course portions.


Consider who’s coming. Kids usually eat less, so plan for about 1/4 pound per child. Adults typically stick to the 1/3 pound rule, but some might have bigger appetites. Older guests might eat smaller portions too. If you know you’ve got a group of hearty eaters, it’s smart to prepare a bit extra to make sure no one leaves hungry.

Serving method

How you serve the pulled pork matters too. If you’re making sandwiches, stick to the 1/3 pound rule. For sliders, you’ll need less meat per person. And if you’re doing a buffet, guests might take smaller amounts since there’s an array of food options. Think about how people will be eating and adjust your estimates.

Event type

The type of event also affects portion sizes. Formal dinners typically require more meat per person compared to casual gatherings. At formal events, guests expect more substantial servings and multiple courses. But at a casual backyard barbecue or picnic, folks might snack throughout the event, so they’ll probably go for smaller portions of the main dish.

Boneless vs. bone-in pork shoulder

How to make pulled pork

For boneless pork shoulder, use the following formula to calculate the amount of raw meat needed:

Guests×1/​3×2=Pounds of Raw Pork Needed

Example calculation: For 100 guests: 100×1/3×2=66.67 pounds of raw boneless pork

For bone-in pork shoulder, the formula changes slightly to account for the bone weight:

Guests×1/2×2=Pounds of Raw Pork Needed

Example calculation: For 100 guests: 100×1/2×2=100 pounds of raw bone-in pork

The bottom line

Planning for the right amount of pulled pork can make or break your event. With these tips and a little planning, you’ll be serving up mouthwatering meat that keeps everyone happy and full. Trust me, a bit of prep goes a long way in turning your gathering into an unforgettable feast!

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